Business Development Director LATAM

Gustavo Hamam develops and implements growth opportunities and strategic alliances at Hamam Procurement. Gustavo earned his degrees in Law and Political Marketing, then, decided he was drawn to join his brothers at Hamam becoming the Direcor of new business development.

He successfully tookover the Latin American Development accomplishing a variety pf projects over the continent. Gustavo’s outgoing personality, energy, and drive brought Hamam 42 more hotels with over 15,000 keys and over 75,000 sq ft while working with diverse hotel owners, investors, and contractors. With offices in Brazil and the United States, Hamam Procurement is a leading worldwide expert on Hospitality FF&E and OS&E Management.

Gustavo and his wife, Tatiana, reside in São Paulo,Brazil and are expecing their first child in September. While Gustavo enthusiastically roots for the Corinthians, he also enjoys playing Squash and Golf. Gustavo’s infectious personality and overall commitment in relationships builds Hamam customers for life.