I had the pleasure of working with the Hamam Group on our hotel project in Sao Paulo from 2014 to 2017, witnessing the high standard of excellence they hold for their company.

It's a pleasure to work with a company so dedicated to their customers, always striving to do a quality job.

From our first interaction with Hamam Global, we found the team to be fair, very polite, ingenious, and, above all, reliable in every respect. I feel confident recommending them for any project that involves complexity, time constraints, and high-quality requirements.

Aleksandra Vukojevic
Project Manager
Oetker Collection
Schillerstrasse 7 76530 Baden-Baden  


I am pleased to send this letter of recommendation to the Hamam Hospitality Group.

They are a Design and FF&E Procurement Company, originating in Brazil, that has been working on IHG projects for at least 15 years, with several projects and installations successfully completed and several participations in projects of other hotels that may or may not have completed their opening process.

They have consistently shown highly creative and innovative designs, including awarded ones, always aiming to meet or exceed IHG's high-quality FF&E standards, even for budget-conscious projects.

Their collaborators are a young team, focused on design and oriented to out-of-the-box research that will produce an excellent product, with the flexibility to accommodate the needs of the investor. The teams are led by one of the founding partners, Leonardo, whose personal goal is to always have a unique product that brings new ideas to life.

Our relationship with the Hamam partners and the entire team has always been excellent, and it is always very easy to align and focus on the needs of each particular project.


Marina Dillon
Regional Manager of Design and Construction  
Latin America


Mr. Hamam,

Thank you for submitting your company's design qualifications to Hilton Worldwide, Global Design Services. We are happy to inform you that Hamam Development has been added to our internal design consultant database.


Hamam Development is currently qualified to work on Hilton Worldwide’s Full Service brands in South America. In addition, Hamam Development is qualified to work on Hilton Worldwide's Focused Service brands in North America, South America, and the Middle East, specifically for Interior Design and FF&E | OS&E.

This notice means that Hilton Worldwide, Global Design Services may choose to recommend your company to our proprietary partners as a qualified consultant in these categories.

Our recommendations seek to match the opportunities of a project and the qualifications of your company. Please be aware that this news should not be used for marketing purposes.

If you have any questions about our processes, please contact Leo Eskenazi at leo.eskenazi@hilton.com.

Congratulations again!

We are looking forward to the opportunity to work with your company.


Larry D. Traxler  
SVP, Global Design Services


Dear Leo,

I feel confident in recommending Hamam's Development Services.

I have known Leonardo Hamam, CEO and founder of Hamam Development for eight years. They have provided excellent service and work for our Hilton facilities in Brazil as well as for other well-known hospitality brands in the country.

The expertise of Leonardo’s teams in FF&E and OS&E goes beyond the hospitality industry. Their finishes have a touch of luxury in their portfolio.

Hamam Global will be an asset to our hotels and is a perfect fit for inclusion on the Supplier’s Connection website to expand our U.S. gas pipeline, with an office currently located in Orlando, FL.

If your customers have further questions, feel free to ask them to contact me.

Respectfully yours,

John Walters, CHA
Vice President of Architecture and Construction  
Latin America and the Caribbean


A lot of competence, hard work, a young team, innovative thinking, and good service are some of the qualities of Hamam Global that I would highlight and that have certainly led them to become the current market leader.

Romulo P. Silva  
Accor Hotels Development Manager


I am pleased to write this letter to confirm that Hamam Procurement has provided services to our company. In addition, I have known and worked with Hamam for 20 years, and they are known for proving great service, including Interior Design and Procurement for Hotels in Brazil and Latin America.

They have always proven to be a reliable partner for us.

They have always shown creative and innovative projects and ideas, seeking to meet Wyndham's quality standards, project schedules, and budget requirements. In addition, they maintain a great relationship with our Customers, Suppliers, and Hotel Owners.

Our relationship with Leonardo Hamam and the entire team has always been striking and focused on the needs of each particular project. They bring energy and attention to detail to every project and care about its success.


Maria Carolina Pinheiro
Vice President of Latam Development

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